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Getting started

Applying for a service dog

Though the need is great, there are just not enough dogs. We hope to be able to increase the number we have available with each new year we are in operation. 

At this time, we have a small number of dogs and we would like to match the dogs we have with combat disabled veterans in need.  The application allows us to try and match the veterans needs with dogs we have available.

We value your privacy and will only use this information internally to learn about how best to help you, 


We request a copy of your DD214 and a recommendation from your physician stating that a service dog is recommended as part of a comprehensive program to support your needs.

Please be aware that there will be an intensive  training process (approximately 2 weeks) for dog and handler when the pair are matched.


Filling out the application

Above is the location of our application.

If you would prefer to have the application filled out during a phone call, that can be arranged.

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